Nicola End

Yoga Instructor
Core 82%
Muscle Tone 89%
Cardio 76%
Flexibility 97%
Body Fat Percentage 18%
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Nicola utilises the mind and body to harness your inner strength.

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After climbing Kilimanjaro, I learnt that the mind can be as powerful a tool as weights for building strength in the body. Yoga is an unparalleled tool for combining mind and body, to create a sense of wholeness – consistent with Ayurvedic principles.  Ayurveda is a way of life, and a guide to achieving perfect health and balance. I have embraced the concept of harmony within the body since discovering Ayurveda, and have been practicing yoga for several years including attending meditation retreats. I wholly believe in the benefits that yoga and general fitness delivers – it brings clarity and peace of mind, as well as improving concentration, strength and flexibility, all of which contribute to your well-being. Fitness has always been central to my lifestyle – I am dedicated to maintaining my health, both in body and in mind. But it’s about balance – I love a kale smoothie, but also love ice-cream (mint flavoured, to be specific!).


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